Plague UK a 4 piece band from South London, Edgy, Full on Power motivated monster of energy with hungry chords, lead splits and dynamic structures, Plague UK bring something unique to the table. Catchy melodic Punk Rock, tones of New Wave, and the energy of British Rock. Plague UK is a dual vocal outfit, which benefit from different styles, from the punk roots of 77 to the more post punk, new wave sound. 

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We will be performing at the Holroyd Arms in Guildford on the 14th October, to help promote the great work that Tony Smith from Sound Of The Suburbs Record Shop in Ruislip Manor does for a lot of bands and helps showcase them with the new SOTS label that Tony Smith and Phil Speight have created.





And You Know Its Time

Walking Through The Dust

I'm A Mess

See It Now

It's A Show

Out Of Sight

Glory Girl And The Punk Rock Kid

Nothing For Nothing

Private Insanity


White with blue splatter Vinyl or CD


Please check out clips of the tracks in our music page


New album Nothing For Nothing - 'Great in your face album!, Just wanna keep turning it up more and more. Love the energy can't stop playing it' 

New album Nothing For Nothing - 'It looks great, Im on my second listen and im well impressed. normally a track stands out straight away but not on this album., they all stand out and i'm struggling to pick a favourite. The sound is perfect and very well mixed.'

Been driving for just over 10 hours in the last 2 days with Vaccination on loop the whole time and it keeps sounding better and better! Looking forward to the next time I see you guys live which should be Gloucester in July - GD

New album ‘Vaccination’ has a superior modern production job, but the likes of ‘Make A Noise’, Idiot Kid, Fake News could of sprung straight from 1977. ‘Don’t worry (‘bout you and me) is a storming rocker while ‘Shit happens’ and ‘So We Stand’ have a Mod-ish 60’s edge. – SB (Vive Le Rock)

Plague UK are like a Sound Effects era Jam, Or Billy Bragg with balls fronting a Rock band. Poppy, Tuneful and catchy undercurrents amongst the waves of almighty full rock on and pogo anthems. Vaccination is a real shot in the arm, the perfect prescription. A righteous, noteous soundtrack and antidote to these trouble times. MN (

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Sounds Of The Suburbs Record Store - Ruislip Manor / Raven Retail - Beckenham / AAA Records - Isle Of Wight

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Official Music Video 2020 - See It Now

Official Music Video 2019 - Fake News

Official Music Video 2019 - So We Stand

Official Music Video 2018 - Red Button



A bit about us!

Plague UK a 4 piece band from South London, Edgy, Full on Power motivated monster of energy with hungry chords, lead splits and dynamic structures, Plague UK bring something unique to the table. Catchy melodic Punk Rock with a twist of 60's pop sensibility.


Marc Jefferies on lead guitar and vocals, Marc the vocalist and guitarist from the original 76 outfit The Plague, Joined up with Lee Morrell, who was mates with Marc for many years. Lee has been drumming in a variety of bands over the years and teamed up with Marc to recreate the vibe and feel of power and energy that was had back in the late 70’s,


They then met Simon Godfrey rhythm guitar / vocalist from a different project and felt that Simon would be a great addition to the band as Simon and Marc vocals sit really well with each other, and have different styles of guitar flow, which compliments each other. Then all there was left to make the band complete was a Bass player, of which was found with Martin Taylor, Martin was perfect for the outfit, great style, and great sound and his techniques suited this new sound, this new energy. Plague UK is now something to see for yourselves, so you can make up your own mind.


Marc Jefferies

Vocals / Guitar

Bands: The Plague, Allegiance, Westway (with Eddie McDonald former Bass Player of The Alarm), Dead Skin Mask. Crosstown Lightnin (with legendary music journalist/broadcaster Charles Shaar Murray), Church Of Eon, Plague UK

Influences: Black Sabbath, SexPistols, Early Metallica, The Who

Simon Godfrey

Vocals / Guitar

Bands: Armitage, Nuway Army, Church Of Eon, Plague UK

Influences: The Skids, Small Faces, Early Ultravox, Sex Pistols, The Jam, The Who, Julian Cope, Japan and Gary Numan / Tubeway Army


Martin Taylor


Bands: Innocents Day, Ironic High Style, Mid Life Crisis, The Fanzines, Stone Heroes, Plague UK

Influences: The Ruts, Stranglers, SLF, The Damned, any Ska and Reggae.

Lee Morrell


Bands: Jet, G-Force, The Blinders,Tin Box Parade, One On One, Lucifer Star Machine, Chelsea, Church Of Eon, Plague UK

Influences: Sex Pistols, The Jam, Misfits, The Bones, Social Distortion.


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