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“Time To Come Down” PLAGUE UK CDLP Chrome Model Recs


Since their last album, “Nothing For Nothing” Plague UK have slimmed

down to a trio with Simon Godfrey taking over solely on lead vocals

rather than sharing as before. The result of these transfer proceedings

is that the bands’ sound is less raw and ragged and more focused and

polished. This in turn has led to their overall sound crossing the border

from a harder-edged but melodic ’77 sound to that of a power-pop,

modernist behemoth. Yep, by Paul and Weller, the band have been

absorbing the cultural references and sound of The Jam and those other

power-pop mod revival bands of the ‘80’s, without losing their own

particular sound. New guitarist Dave Leak has obviously been the catalyst

to that change, whilst the new rhythm section of Simon (bass/vocals) and

ex-Chelsea drummer Lee Morrell are as tight as Bruce and Rick ever were.

Thus, what we have here are 10 finely crafted up-tempo power-pop gems

with merely a nod to the safety-pin brigade. The heavier songs such as

opener “Shout Shout”, “Time To Come Over” and the superb “Live Life To

Be Happy” show that the band can still rock with the best, with the song’s

lyrics reflecting todays cracked and splintered society. The lead single from

the album is another blast of Jam/Vapors modernism in “So What Do You

Want” although that’s not the only banger on here with “Slogan Valley”,

“Dreamhouse” and “You’re Gonna Listen To Me” equally as good. “Mr Nice”

Is an updated version of “Mr Clean” with “Evergreen” and the excellent

“Seed Between My Teeth” finishing the track-listing. This must be a contender

for album of the year and is a great leap forward from the last album with

this change of direction. My only gripe is that the album doesn’t last long

enough, I wanted another couple of songs to keep me singing along longer. EATEN ALIVE ZINE

Opening the evening, London locals Plague UK  (formed in 2018) warmed the crowd up brilliantly with their set, a great punk-mod fusion of their own songs. Simon Godfrey (vocals, bass), Lee Morrell (drums) and Dave Leak (guitar) produce huge sounds you wouldn’t expect from a 3 piece, and their bass lines are great – it takes talent to sing and play bass well simultaneously!

Coupled with Morrell’s animated drumming and Leak’s lively guitar riffs, everyone enjoyed their 15 song set. I loved ‘Fake News‘, a ska-punk number with strong lyrics, from 2019 album ‘Vaccination‘. Their new release ‘So What Do You Want‘ from latest album ‘Time To Come Down‘ was also played, it’s a superb track, PUNKUATIONMAG.COM

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