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A band from South London. Edgy, Powerful, Energetic, and relevant!. Plague UK bring great melody and dynamic structures, with catchy melodic Pop-Punk, and the energy of British Rock. Plague UK is relevant and Now!!


    Loved the new sound of Plague UK, took me back to those first 2 Jam albums when it was all about great tunes and speed. MG

  • Plague UK now a three piece, Every song a winner, they remind me somewhat of a ramped up early Jam. Simon's vocals are primitive Weller. BG

  • Plague UK works as a three piece, as Simon plays a sort of rhythm / bass line very similar to Bruce Foxton's role in the Jam. RB



Been driving for just over 10 hours in the last 2 days with Vaccination on loop the whole time and it keeps sounding better and better! Looking forward to the next time I see you guys live which should be Gloucester in July - GD

New album ‘Vaccination’ has a superior modern production job, but the likes of ‘Make A Noise’, Idiot Kid, Fake News could of sprung straight from 1977. ‘Don’t worry (‘bout you and me) is a storming rocker while ‘Shit happens’ and ‘So We Stand’ have a Mod-ish 60’s edge. – SB (Vive Le Rock)

Plague UK are like a Sound Effects era Jam, Or Billy Bragg with balls fronting a Rock band. Poppy, Tuneful and catchy undercurrents amongst the waves of almighty full rock on and pogo anthems. Vaccination is a real shot in the arm, the perfect prescription. A righteous, noteous soundtrack and antidote to these trouble times. MN (

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Sounds Of The Suburbs Record Store - Ruislip Manor / Raven Retail - Beckenham / AAA Records - Isle Of Wight

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Official Music Video 2020 - See It Now

Official Music Video 2019 - Fake News



A bit about us!

Plague UK formed in 2018 with a four piece line up, started life from the reinvention of The Plague the Punk Rock band from 76, which then later took a new form with the addition of Simon Godfrey on Rhythm guitar and vocals, bringing a more new wave edge to the songs that were being written. Plague UK went on to produce a studio EP called Suck It Up, then in 2019 wrote the debut album Vaccination, which included the songs Fake News, Shit Happens and So We Stand. In 2020 the band then produced their second studio album Nothing For Nothing, of which includes songs, See It Now, And You Know Its Time,Walking Through The Dust, Nothing For Nothing.

In 2022 the band made some changes in the line up and is now a three piece with Dave Leak on Guitar / Backing Vocals, Lee on Drums / Backing Vocals and Simon Godfrey on Bass and Vocals.


Dave Leak

Lee Morrell

Simon Godfrey


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Gallery 2022

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Rebellion 2022 - Picture by Jim Creith
Rebellion 2022 - Picture by Jim Creith

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Carshalton Eco Festival 2022, Picture taken by Kat Sturgess
Carshalton Eco Festival 2022, Picture taken by Kat Sturgess

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Photo taken by Chris Bristow. Performance at Cryer Arts, Carshalton 21st Jan 2022

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Rebellion 2022 - Picture by Jim Creith
Rebellion 2022 - Picture by Jim Creith

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